Leadership Communities

Leadership Learning Communities

Currently there are five active Leadership Learning Communities:

Southwestern Metro Denver – Pastor Nick Lillo – Waterston Community Church, Littleton, CO

Northern Metro Denver – Pastor Matthew Fite – Good News Community Church, Broomfield, CO

Northeastern Colorado – Dr. Gordon Penfold – Fresh Start Ministries

Northern Wyoming-Montana

Virtual Leadership Learning Community – Stan Rieb – For Pastors who are remotely displaced

Learning Community (LLC) is a regionally supported, church based, peer-to-peer, small group (4 to 12 individuals) ministry for lead pastors and church leaders. Each LLC meets monthly with the purpose of developing and sharpening leadership skills related to church health, renewal and transformation.

Because most pastors are well prepared as theologians, worship leaders and care givers, the focus of LLC lies on the development of leadership skills and church health dynamics. By participating in one, you will develop skills that will help you lead your church into fruitful obedience to the Great Commission.

The Leadership Learning Community supports pastors in several ways:

Covenanted Relationship – Each participant enters the LLC through the Leadership Learning Community Covenant committing to be an active participant fulfilling the agreed upon activities and assignments.

Peer support – More than sharing their situations with one another, members of the learning community will “be there” for each other in very tangible ways: praying, developing strategies and sharing resources.

Accountability – The collegial design of a learning community encourages its members to plan, commit to and put into practice behaviors that lead toward transformation of both the pastor and the church.

Learning from Experts – The members of the Pastors’ Learning Community come to a meeting prepared to discuss a previously assigned book, which covers some aspect of leadership or the church transformation process.

Best Practices – Each session of the LLC includes implementation assignments designed to bring the principles of transformation into a practical focus in the personal and professional lives of the participating pastors.

MEETING FORMAT (Suggested) 10am – 3pm:

  • Sharing – Have each pastor share the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of their ministry and life
  • Dash Board Indicators:

         Weekly Gathering Attendance (compare with the same  
                week from last year)
         Weekly Offerings (again compare with the same week
                from last year)
         Weekly Number of First-time Guests

  • Book Discussion -Assignments given in advance of things to look for or interact with
  • Discuss assignments – any you have been given
  • Presentation by Facilitator – two main areas: Church Health and Leadership
  • Prayer

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For more information, contact Stan Rieb at (303) 746-8844 or stan.rieb@rmcn.org.

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