Values, Mission and Vision

We are an association of missional churches.  We believe that the local church is God’s primary instrument for Gospel communication, restoration, transformation, and penetration.

The Rocky Mountain Church Network consists of like passioned churches in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming which have chosen to enter into association with one another, cooperatively impacting this region with the Gospel message and mission.

The purpose of the RMCN is to bring glory to God by encouraging churches to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This purpose is accomplished through:

  • The assisting of existing member churches in areas such as leadership training, pastoral support, encouragement, and placement, and church health.
  • The furtherance of cooperative endeavors that will enable the churches to fulfill their mission, vision, and values.

Our Values

Affirming our historical values of:

  • The authority of the Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:16),
  • God’s passion for lost people manifest in a Great Commission/Great Commandment focus (John 3:16, Matthew 28:18-20),
  • The local church as God’s instrument to accomplish His purpose (Ephesians 3:10).
    1. We value a church that seeks to engage its culture in a way that does not compromise the Gospel but effectively communicates the Good News
    2. We value the kind of leadership that seeks to discover, develop and set free the God-given gifts of God’s people for the building up of the church
    3. We value the kind of networking where pastors and leaders with a commonly shared vision meet for mutual encouragement and the sparking of new methods of ministry to reach the lost

Our Mission

We exist to empower leaders to equip congregations to engage in transformational Gospel impact.

Our Vision

We envision:

  • A network of congregations led by passionate spiritual leaders who are developing next-generation leaders that understand the times and what must be done to impact their communities and the world for Christ.
  • Outwardly focused Churches that are Christ-centered, reproducing mature disciples and birthing new missional congregations.