Grip -Birkman

Grip Birkman

Grip-Birkman combines two assessment methods into one in-depth tool that evaluates how a person interacts with others in the natural behavior level and the Spiritual level. If people can see themselves and others as God sees them, with their God designed strengths, weaknesses and needs, then they will be better able to commit to becoming Disciples of Christ and reaching the unreached.

The Birkman Method combines motivational, behavioral and interest evaluation to identify how a person behaves in a certain situation. Each person has a usual behavior when their needs are met. They also have a stress behavior when their needs are not met. Knowing these motivations and behaviors helps a leader improve team performance and reduce conflict.

The Leadership Grip portion of the evaluation takes into account that Christian Leaders need to be able to work effectively with many different people. By identifying their Spiritual Gifts, they can figure out where God has made them powerful. Each gift is evaluated by definition, characteristic and liability. In this way, we can assess how our gifts can be used in a team setting.

This also includes what liabilities we bring to the team. In addition, we also assess how our gifts can be used to build up the Body of Christ and fulfill the Great Commission. This assessment shows the individual where they are powerful and also where they are weak and what or who is needed to come beside them to make a better team and ultimately, a better Body of Christ, able to reach more people for Christ.

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