Reasons To Believe

Reason's to Believe (Cover Wrap)


Why would a good God allow suffering?

Is it reasonable to believe God exists?

Has science disproven God?


Questions like these can pique curiosities, stimulate thinking, and challenge faith in God. Reasons to Believe, a new book by RMCN pastor Ryan Whitson (along with six other authors), provides thoughtful, easy-to-understand responses in one concise resource. The book, endorsed by Christian scholars such as J.P. Moreland, Joe Stowell, and Doug Groothuis, takes on ten pressing questions about God, the Bible, and the Christian faith in order to help remove doubts, deepen Christian conviction, and provide compelling reasons to believe.


For RMCN churches this book can be a tremendous resource for small groups or classes, material for a sermon series, or a gift for your teachers, volunteers and staff who may face difficult questions in their ministry setting. For a free sample of the book click here (hyperlink- see below). To learn more about how this book can be a strategic resource for you and your church or to receive free chapters and other material feel free contact Ryan at