The Network is Back Up!

connecting-business-network-backgrounds-for-powerpoint“The Network is Back Up!”

By Stan Rieb

We have all experienced it.  It is a fairly common occurrence in our ever increasingly technologically connected world. Because it is our connection to the information we seek and a crucial path to the communication of our vision and purpose, a connection to the internet or “network” has become essential for many throughout the world. When that connection goes down, for many of us, our work comes to a grinding halt. But there is a small celebration once the network connection has been restored. Everyone in the office exclaims the same words, “The network is back up!”

As I travel around the Rocky Mountain Church Network, one question I always ask is, “How can we help you (the pastor) and your church?” Often the response goes something like: “Call us! Visit us! Connect with us!”

Since early this year, my focus in the region has been to be an IT Engineer seeking to restore and maintain Network Connection. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but please know my heart is to connect with the pastors and leadership of the churches in the RMCN.

When trouble shooting a network there are certain steps the provider must do and there are other steps the client can do. The provider must assure the client that the signal is reaching the router and that the router is functioning correctly.  The client is responsible to make sure that their end of things are connected properly, their cable is connected or their Wi-Fi is configured properly for connection.

As the provider we have to admit that we have not always done a good job. You need to know it is our desire to raise the reliability of our network.  We know we need to increase our up time.

As a member of the network we would ask that you help us maintain your connection. If we can help in specific areas (see the list below), please call.  If we can meet with you or the leadership of your church, please contact us.

 Connection Ports

  • Leadership Development
      • Learning Communities
      • Virtual Learning Communities
      • Pastor Coaching
      • Leadership Coaching & Retreats
      • Birkman Profile – Individual and Team Assessment and Coaching
  • Church Health
      • Ministry Mapping Church Assessment
      • Church Consulting
        • Life Cycle
        • Polity/Governance Development
      • Values, Mission, Vision training/development
      • MissionInsite Demographics
      • Conflict Resolution Coaching
      • Placement Resource
        • Pastoral Search Team Training
        • Criminal, Credit and Education background checks for pastoral and pastoral staff candidates
  • Church Reproduction
      • Church Planting
  • Other Resources
    • Guidestone Financial Services
      • 403(b) Retirement Program
      • Health Insurance
      • Financial Planning
    • Planned Giving Seminars
    • Church Insurance – Guide One



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